Double-Trouble comedy sinhala film by Dinesh Priyasad


Double Trouble follows the exploits of Dunka, a young 13 year old boy whose mother passed away when he was but a baby. Leaving his long suffering father to try and calm down the highly charged Dunka as he always seem to just be at the wrong place at the wrong time!!.
Duration: 90min
Genre: Comedy



Raj Ranasinghe


Music by:

, and more credits to

Wilson Gunarathne,

Video: Sinhala comedy movie Double-Trouble official trailer.

Sinhala movie Double-Trouble official trailer.

Pictures from Sinhala movie Double-Trouble


Double-Trouble comedy sinhala film by Dinesh Priyasad

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  • Ranjana says:

    Since his wife died Amaray has struggled to control his young hyper active son Dunka. After getting a phone call from Dunka’s School Head Teacher to say that Dunka has been expelled from yet another school, Amaray turns to a close friend Professor Wilson a child psychologist.

  • Saman says:

    He confides that he is at the end of his tether with Dunka and has no idea how to change Dunka’s destructive behavior. Prof.Wilson takes pity and offers to help him out by letting Dunka stay with him in his house…that is when the DOUBLE TROUBLE starts!!

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