Sri Lankan Film Location Equipments, Crew for Shoots from Crew for Shoots



Most feature films produced in Sri Lanka are shot on 35mm Cinemascope. Almost all commercials are produced on 35mm standard formats if not on Video.

Unfortunately Cameras and Lenses are not available off the shelf – like in America or Europe. Individual equipment suppliers in Sri Lanka have a basic Camera set-up with Camera body, 5 or 6 standard Prime Lenses , a couple of Zooms, standard filters in each Camera Package. There is a wide selection of Arriflex III’s and Arriflex 435’s and Arriflex 535’s available from India (some 435 owners have now upgraded to Ultra Primes in India).

Lights, Grip & Sound

Lights – There are a couple of rental houses in Colombo – Sri Lanka that work predominantly for foreign crews filming in Sri Lanka. There is a selection of HMI’s – PARS, FLICKER FREE AND NORMAL – 16, 12, and 8 KWs from India. 6KWs and below plenty – though Pars & Flicker frees are limited. TUNGSTEN LIGHTS – 10KWs, 5KWs and below – plenty KINOFLOS.

Grip Equipment – High end Grip packages are usually hired from India. Grip packages come with crew. In terms of equipment from India, there are Akela Cranes, Panther Dollies, Elemak Cranes, Phoenix Crane with hot heads and Jimmy Jibs with hot heads. There are also Giraffe Cranes and a Super Panther is available.

Sri Lanka is also equipped with most of the above equipment. Hiring locally would reduce the overall cost on your project.

Steady-Cams & Operators – There are a handful of Steady-cam Operators in Mumbai and Chennai (India).

Generators – Plenty of ordinary generators up to 125KVA. Silent/blimped generators up to 125KVA.

Sound – Plenty of Nagras, also quite a few Dats with good microphones are available. There are a handful of highly recommended Sound Recordists with international exposure working with foreign film crews coming to Sri Lanka as well as live broadcasters like CNN, BBC etc.


CFS offers a modest selection of highly skilled film technicians who have had international production experience. However there is a selection of very talented and recognized DOP’s, Production Designers, Art Directors, Grips, Gaffers and make-up artists.


Sri Lanka and India has a diverse pool of acting talent with a wide range of ethnicities available to the international production. There are no restrictions or quotas on bringing international cast to film in Sri Lanka.



Sri Lanka has a wide selection of accommodation options available to film crews and visitors. Depending on the production budget there is a vast selection of 3, 4 & 5 Star Hotels, Guesthouses and private housing available in both metros and regional areas. From beach resorts in East coast to South to Heritage listed Palaces in Anuradhapura, most International Hotel Chains are located in Sri Lanka including:







Although the well-known foreign chains can be found throughout the country, Sri Lanka boasts some of the world’s most spectacular heritage listed locally owned hotels such as The Galle Face Hotel and Mount Lavinia Hotel in Colombo and Eco Friendly Hotels throughout Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka has an extensive telecommunications network accessible to over 99% of the population. Mobile cellular phones are highly available and coverage is available almost everywhere. The Sri Lankan Government regulates Walkie-Talkie communication and permits are easily granted for film crews.

The international area code for Sri Lanka is +94. For users of Cellular phones Sri Lanka uses the GSM network which is compatible with Europe, coverage is excellent in cities and major centres, however service is limited in some remote areas.

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