Gamini Sinhala Film unfolds to screen

Gamini Sinhala Film unfolds to screen

Gamani unfolds in a border village in Ampara which is constantly attacked by the terrorists. On a night when a pirith was held for a dead child in the village, the terrorists plan a massacre. And when the villagers are returning to their homes, a brutal attack is carried out and most of them are murdered. Following morning a platoon of the army comes and attends to the dead.

A young female teacher who comes to the village with a new appointment places the responsibility of mass murder on the Army and their leader a Major. But the Army Major who is angered by the allegation leaves the scene. Subsequently the teacher meets the Major once again to request that Gramarakshaka in the village be given a proper training but this too was turned down. However the determined teacher together with the chief incumbent of the temple prepare a team to defend the village from terrorist attack. Impressed by the courage of the young teacher, the Army Major too supports their endeavour. On one full moon day the terrorists once again attack the village and this time it is a different story to their past experiences.

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