Saliya Sathyajith Shalika Edirisinghe New Thushaya Sinhala Film by Sahan Wijesinghe at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka

Saliya Sathyajith Shalika Edirisinghe   New Thushaya Sinhala Film by Sahan Wijesinghe at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka

by Ruwini Jayawardana

History is on its way to repeat itself. The dazzling spectacle of yesteryear star Vijaya Kumaratunga romancing Malani Fonseka will be recreated with a new stance when young actors and takes to the screen and dances to the evergreen tunes sung by H.R. Jothipala.

Yasapalitha Nanayakkara’s hit film ‘Thushara’ remoulded by actor and producer turned director Sahan Wijesinghe boasts of the glamour of the past and more. The remake of the 1973 hit will begin screening at the LFD, MPI and NFC’s Rithma circuit cinemas islandwide from October 9. Significantly the day also marks the 64th birth anniversary of Vijaya Kumaratunga.

“Though we are advanced in technology I have always felt that the present movies lack the beauty of past hits. Movies made in the 1960s and 70s made use of the cream of the industry, from the stars in the lead roles to the music and plot. I have watched Nanayakkara’s ‘Thushara’ 26 times and I had the hope of doing a remake. There is a global interest towards making remakes. Some of our own movies like ‘Kadavunu Poronduwa’, ‘Sujatha’ and ‘Hathara Dennama Soorayo’ had also been revived with new faces and some of them have proven to be a success,” Wijesinghe noted the reasons for remaking the movie. He also said that movie-making is an extremely risky task today.

“There is lack of resources like good script writers, lyricists and vocalists. These three ingredients play key roles in a movie’s success. I had a choice between making an entirely new production and a remake. As the latter is less tricky, I chose to take it up,” he added.

Besides producing and directing the remake he had also taken up the role of the villain, originally acted by Baptist Fernando. He said that if the remake had been done 10 or 15 years ago he would have taken on the role of the hero.He noted, “I searched for actors to suit the characters for over a year and finally came upon Saliya. He possessed the charisma I was searching for and I believe Shalika is quite suited to the role.

Countries like India have a separate set of artistes for the mini screen and an entirely different cast for movies. I chose faces which do not appear often on television and during that stage. Saliya had only acted in one teledrama and Shalika, Pumi Purashinghe and Buddhika Rambukwella too were literally new faces to the audience. Now most of these artistes have joined teledramas. That is a drawback for my movie. They are professional actors and it is hard for them to survive entirely on films.”

The remake will retain the film’s eight original hit numbers ‘Jeewanaye Meewanaye’, ‘Meedum Gala Kande’, ‘Kalak Thisse’, ‘Epa Wunoth Heta One Wei, Rantharu Se (Hoi Hoi), Kavdo Ave, Mahada Obe Dayavi’, ‘Ho Ho Thushara’ and ‘Kalak Thisse’(duet) by H.R. Jothipala and Angeline Gunathilaka.

Robin Fernando, Rex Koddipilli, Chathura Perera, Chitra Wakishta, Anju Bandara, , Sonia Disa, , Sarath de Silva, Rizwan Fa and others too play significant roles in the story.

Sarath de Alwis is the music director while K. D. Dayananda is the cameraman. “I had problems finding the money but NFC chairman Jayantha Dharmadasa and Sunil T. Fernando helped me out in a lot of matters. I have several movies in mind to remake before engaging on a production of my own but it all depends on how well ‘Thushara’ rolls. If I get back the sum I spent on the movie I would certainly focus on another one,” he admitted with a smile.

# Actress : Remenzi Fernando
# Actor : Lasantha De Alwis
# Actress :
# Actress :
# Actor :
# Actor :
# Actor :
# Actor : Thivanka Purasinghe
# Main Actress : Shalika Edirisinghe
# Main Actor : Saliya Sathyajith
# Actor : Rex Kodippili
# Actor : Chathura Perera
# Actress : Chithra Vakishta
# Actor : Anju Bandara
# Actress : Chanchala Warnasooriya
# Actor : Kumara Ranapura
# Actor : Sarath De Silva
# Actor : Rizvan(FA)

# Art Director : Lasantha De Alwis
# Production Manager : Lalith Gunathileke
# Assistant Director : Lasantha De Alwis
# Camera :
# Make-up Artists : J. Suranimala
# Music Director :
# Director : Sahan Wijesinghe
# Executive Producer : Gayana Sudarshani
# Dancing Director : Lalith Pushpakumara

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