Sinhala film Karma by Prasanna Jayakody


Piyal. Twenty three years old. Male.
Tormented by incidents associated with his mother, relives the same dream/nightmare. Again and again.
As his family gradually forgets his mother Piyal leaves them and comes to the city. He rents an old stable converted into an apartment that adjoins a house in the residential part within an old Dutch Fort close to the sea.
That is all he can afford given financial constraints.

A could rents out the main house with which Piyal’s meager residence shares a thin wall. Thanks to a window, located high on this wall, Piyal becomes privy to the most intimate elements of their lives.

Amanda. Thirty two years old. Piyal’s neighbour.
At the beginning she is just a woman who feeds his fantasies. Later, through incident and conversation, Piyal begins to see and seek in her that which his mother no longer provides.

Nadee. Amanda’s lover.
Amanda’s worth, in his eyes, declines gradually from the moment he learns that she is a cancer patient.
This receives a further impetus when she suffers a miscarriage and loses his child. Amanda cannot suffer Nadee’s selfishness any longer and announces that she is leaving Sri Lanka in order to receive treatment.
Amanda has second thoughts while waiting to board her flight and finally calls Piyal and goes with him to her father’s house, now abandoned and in a sad state
of neglect and disrepair.

Even as her physical value depreciates, Amanda, realizing that Piyal’s fascination with her includes a strong sexual component, decides to release him from this. She seduces him.
He then realizes that she is a cancer patient and had lost a breast to the disease. He is filled with remorse.
Convinced that this was the most vile act he had thus far committed, Piyal’s penitence takes the form of utmost commitment to taking care of Amanda.
He moves with her with complete equanimity towards the rendezvous with death.

Nadee realizes that Piyal has attended to everything which he ought to have done. He has to live with that knowledge and consequently suffer.

We are left with the image of Piyal resting his head on the lap of a half naked woman resolved to the execution of the most natural of laws, death, in the manner of an invitation to expiate all unresolved and unbearable memories in a similar manner.



Ceylon Theater Private Limited
Sky Entertainers Private Limited
Magic Lantern Private Limited



Music by:


Bathiya Dunusinghe

Makeup Artists:

, and more credits to

Jagath Manuwarna,
Nadeeka Guruge

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Piyal, 23 years old, troubled by feelings of guilt over his mother’s death, decides to leave his family and moves to an old apartment in the city. He attempts to relieve himself of related and repressed tensions, through Amanda, a woman living in the house adjacent to his apartment. Through brief encounters, Piyal begins to see Amanda as the woman who is able to fill the void that existed within him.

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Sinhala movie Karma
Sinhala movie Karma
Sinhala movie Karma
Sinhala movie Karma
Sinhala movie Karma

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Sinhala film Karma by Prasanna Jayakody

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  • Pushpa says:

    One of the most talented directors of South Asia returns to Rotterdam with a provoking contemplation on notions of pain, passion, sexual desire, guilt and death. Expressionist and minimalist, the film focuses on spirituality and human relationships.

    After presenting the memorable film Sankara at IFFR, the young Sri Lankan cineaste Prasanna Jayakody appears with his second film Karma. Applying the same cinematic time-flow, the director uses consistent slow and long shots to establish a certain meditative mood.
    The film opens with very slow camera movements in a house, while off-screen there are sounds of heavy breathing. A mother is dying in pain in a huge bed, her son beside her. He is passively present and seems numb, bothered by guilt. His thoughts are with the girl next door. He longs for warmth, uneasy with his sexual drive.
    This introspective minimalist human drama of a young man’s encounter with death, but lust and joy as well, poses many questions. Approached and handled with the sophistication of delicate embroidery, Karma magically turns the spectator towards his own self. from

  • Neesha says:

    Burdened by guilt over his mother’s death, 23-year-old Payel moves into an old stable turned into an apartment. Through the thin walls and a high window he can hear his neighbors’ lovemaking and arguments, inspiring sexual fantasies that lead him into an emotional encounter with death and redemption. Structured like a jigsaw puzzle, Karma invites audiences to piece together these characters’ lives while immersing them in a truly sensorial experience. from

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