Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Muthu Salamba with Chanchala Warnasuriya at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Muthu Salamba with Chanchala Warnasuriya at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan with at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka

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Jatila Karawita
An actress known for her linguistic skills as well as her acting prowess is none other than Chanchala Warnasuriya.During her short tenure in tele-drama and cinema she has built up many fans. In an interview with ‘Panorama’ she gave her views on the industry, her professional commitments and her future aspirations.Chanchala was spotted first by well-known photographer Lakshman Gunathilaka, on her return to the country from France in the late 1990s. She made clear that she doesn’t like to be categorised as a professional actress as her commitments lay elsewhere.

“I charge a fee for my services, for acting in tele-dramas and films”, she said of her work in the two media.

“But, I do not depend on it for my livelihood, because I have my business commitments overseas, hence I only indulge in acting.

She maintained that what she earned through her work in cinema and tele-dramas, she has donated to the ‘Ranaviru Sevana’ in Ragama, in aid of disabled soldiers and to a set of Bhikkhunis that she has been helping for a number of years.

“In early 2000, a few photos taken by Lakshman Gunathilaka, appeared in the local press, and that is how Sri Lankans first came to know about me”, she recalled about her foray into the showbiz scene. “After that, I appeared for a few advertisements and I happened to catch the attention of the versatile director Mohan Niyaz who made the popular tele-drama ‘Seethambara Salu’ which paved the way for me to capture the hearts and minds of television viewers.

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Commencing with ‘Seethambara Salu’, Chanchala acted at least over nine tele-dramas including the critically acclaimed productions of Ranjith Kuruppu’s ‘Puhthuni Hamba Giya’, Jayantha Chandrasiri’s ‘Sathara Denek Senpathiyo’ and Sudath Rohana’s ‘Kaluwara Gedera’ taking top-billing.

Bermin Fernando’s ‘Guru Geethaya’ and Mohan Niyaz’s, ‘Dewana Mawu’ are two other tele-dramas waiting on the list.

She is grateful to Director Niyaz for her breakthrough role in ‘Seethambara Salu’ despite her difficulty in Sinhala pronunciation having spent her early childhood in France.

She managed to grasp her mother-tongue quiet easily and she is pleased that most of her fans are amazed by her mastery of the language.

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When asked whether tele-drama or film acting was a field that she would recommend for budding starlets Chanchala was quick to point out that being in the public eye as an actress they should safeguard their weaknesses and strengthens, and should pick and choose roles that can have a lasting impact on society.

She stated that one of the biggest shortcomings she has noticed is discipline which you got to maintain while on the set, besides not knowing how to respect veterans in the field.

Chanchala added that in the latter aspect, she was fortunate that most veterans in the field have gone out of their way to help her learn the ropes and so far she has not encountered any problems with fallow artistes.

It shows her ability to mingle with the old and the new while maintaining her own identity. “Budding actresses got to be morally conscious of their character if they intend to go far in this sphere”, she stressed.

‘Paya Enna Hiruse’, ‘Api Merenna Ne’, Muthu Salamba, and ‘Thushara’ are four other movies still to be released.Talking of marriage and settling down in life, who is in the prime of her life was philosophical and emphasised that it would hing on the understanding two people have before tying the knot.

As for her own plans of wedlock, Chanchala would only say that she would allow time to decide it and that one of her greatest passions in life is to help the needy and devote much time for religious activities.


Main Actor :
Main Actress :
Director :
Producer : Kusumchandra Gamage
Producer :

Sinhala Film Muthu Salamba Cast
Main Actor : Lal Weerasinghe
Main Actress : Anusha Damayanthi
Actress : Chanchala Warnasooriya
Actor :
Actress : Vishaka Siriwardana
Actor :
Actor : Nelum Botheju
Actor :
Actor :
Actress :

Sinhala Film Muthu Salamba Crew
Director : Kusumchandra Gamage
Producer : Kusumchandra Gamage
Producer : Wijerathna Gamage
Music Director :
Assistant Director : Ranjith Jayasinghe
Dancing Director : Nanda Kumara

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