Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Suseema by Rohan Weliwita – Suraj Mapa and Pabodha Sandeepani Staring at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Suseema by and Staring at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka

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Suseema Cast
Actor :
Actor :
Actor :
Main Actress : Pabodha Sandeepani
Main Actor : Suraj Mapa
Actress :
Actor :
Actor :

Suseema Crew
Assistant Director :
Director : Rohan Weliwita
Camera :
Producer : A.S.P. Liyanage
Make-up Artists : Priyanka Thilak Rathnayaka
Sound Management : Sunimal Kulasekara
Assistant Camera : Shiran Lakshan Nissanka
Assistant Makeup : Aruna Shantha Jayasooriya
Assistant Art Director : Vishaka Gunathilaka

Suseema Movie Trailers

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Suseema Movie Story
By Susitha R. Fernando
The cinematic version of the popular teledrama ‘Suseema’ was completed successfully and is undergoing post production phases.“We were able to complete the filming schedule and the film will be going to India for post-production,” Rohan Weliwita the newest filmmaker told the TV Times.

“The film was a challenge for me and for everyone in the cast. I was doing the film based on a story that first came in print as a comic story written and drawn by Janaka Ratnayake and then made into a teledrama twenty years ago by me. I had the challenge of doing justice to the work of art I myself presented in a different medium,” Rohan said.

“The cast was playing roles of Ranga, Asela, Suradewa, Mike and Suseema earlier played by Palitha Silva, Jackson Anthony, Granvile Rodrigo, Sathischandra Edirisinghe and Menik Kurukulasuriya and they had to do justice to these players,” director said.

“I am fully satisfied with the new cast comprising Suraj Mapa, Saranga Disasekara, Paboda Sandeepani, Kapila Sigera, Dusmantha Prasad and Robin Fernando,”. Others in the cast include Nirosha Thalagala, Melani Asoka, Wasantha Gunasekara, Pavithra Wickremasinghe, Ransiri Jayawardana and Rose Alagiyawanna.

Speaking on the bringing down of veteran award winning musician Nimal Mendis to write the cinematic score, Rohan said that he wanted to have a Sri Lankan cultural touch with western style in his background music.

“I thought that the cinematic version of ‘Suseema’ needed western piano style music,” he added.
Story and dialogue by Janaka Rathnayaka, the art director and editor is Janaka Enimankada, and make up by Priyanka Rathnayake. Camera is handled by Dinesh Prasanga and A. S. P. Liyanage produced the film.

Director’s dilemma over distribution

Having completed the major part of the film, Rohan Weliwita is in a dilemma on its distribution. The director is planning to introduce an alternative film releasing system by using limited seat ‘High Definition Cinema Theatres’.

The whole system of film distribution in this country is discouraging the film producers. Having spent millions over films the producers only get 45% of the profit while the remaining 55% goes to the film distributor. There is a monopoly over film distribution.

I am in a dilemma as to whether to go with this system or introduce at least a few High Definition Cinema Theatres and getting the maximum benefit to the film producer. This is an idea brought forward at different times and I think this would attract more and more producers to the industry.

HD Cinema Theatre planned by Rohan
Describing his plan Rohan said “we are inviting anybody with at least a 100 seat theatre hall and we are ready to provide the sound and play system,”

The film director further said that that he planned to make it a joint venture with the government Cultural Ministry or National Film Corporation and get government owned buildings to prepare mini theatres.

When inquired on the move from veteran filmmaker and lecturer, Dr. D. B. Nihalsinghe one of the first who brought forward the idea fifteen years ago.

“When I first made this proposal to Film Corporation people they laughed at me but this should be the way it should happen,” Dr. Nihalsinghe said.

“But this should be done in a concerted and targeted way with an involvement of a businessman who could address the whole issue. At present one who would is going to benefit is film producers.

“This type of theatres will need films that are done with high definition technology and it would be useless to have theatres without the films,” analysed the veteran filmmaker and scholar.

By Susitha R. Fernando, Pix by Alexander Balasuriya
‘Suseema’, a popular teleplay produced based on a comic story will be made into film by the same director Rohan Welivita soon. The musical story revolving around a beat band returns with a novel cast and a crew who will be a refreshing experience for those who had watched the teledrama version as well as the readers of the original comic story written by well known artist Janaka Ratnayake.

Rohan Welivita
The lead roles played by Palitha Silva and Menik Kurukulasuriya in the teleplay are to be played by talented Suraj Mapa and Paboda Sandeepani while some of the other roles are to be played by Upeksha Sandamalee, Amila Abeysekera and Robin Fernando.

The teledrama with its tuneful songs like ‘Desa Piya Gathkala’ and ‘Dewathawan’ became hits and it was telecast nearly 15 times on different television channels. ‘Suseema’ was the first music direction of the king of Sinhala pop, Clarence Wijewardena in which music played a significant role.

Clarence’s music will be rearranged to suit the cinema and the present musical trends by ‘Centigrade’, a group of young musicians. “I’m sure that I made a correct decision when I selected this young group to direct music for my maiden film and also I wish that they would not harm the refreshing quality of Clarence’s tunes,” Rohan said speaking at the Muhurath which was held on June 26 which also fell on his 61st birthday.

Paboda to play Suseema
Rohan who is also an experienced broadcaster will pay special attention to the technical standard of the movie. “We will introduce the latest High Definition (Full HD) camera, which is now being used in the international cinema,” Rohan said while introducing talented cameraman Sumedha Liyanage who is making his break through to the cinema.

“I could depend on Sumedha who is talented and eager to learn the new technology,” Rohan said.

Janaka Ratnayake, the inventor of all the characters of ‘Suseema’ in his comic story 30 years ago said, “I am glad that the characters which were limited to mere drawings are now going to be alive on the silver screen,”

“I created them in a medium without sound and verse but the story was about music and a musical group. And I was happy when these characters came live on the mini-screen and I am even happier that they are going to return on the big screen,” Janaka said in a happy tone.

The film is produced by leading business figure A. S. P. Liyanage who also produced the teledrama.

“So far we have telecast ‘Suseema’ on different channels 15 times and it is still in demand. I hope that the film too will be a hit just like its tele version.” Mr. Liyanage said at the Muhurath.

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