Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Suwanda Danuna Jeewithe Videos and Images

Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Suwanda Danuna Jeewithe Videos and ImagesSri Lankan Videos and Images

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Ayeshmantha, being a son of a wealthy businessman, he runs his father’s business very successfully. Ayeshmantha loves his girlfriend endlessly and she also loves him back. But one day his girlfriend sends him her wedding invitation card when he least expected it. This shatters his whole world and depressed, he leaves home aimlessly and tries to commit suicide. Accidentally a girl (Rashmi) sees him and rescues him.
Later she finds out his details and takes him to her aunt’s place and helps him over come his depression. She then decides to get married to her boyfriend (Prasad) and on her way to meet him, Ayeshmantha wishes her well, but finds out that Prasad rejects and avoids Rashmi due to a personal reason. Ayeshmantha goes in search of Rashmi and he finds her. Afterwards, lot of incidents happen between Ayeshmanth and Rashmi, and a highly entertaining theme includes this film.

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She is on cloud number 10 right now. With last year’s biggest hit Aasai Mang Piyabanna, a Bala film project underway and shooting on the sets of Dammika Siriwardena’s much talked about movie, Suwanda Danuna Jeewithe Sri Lankan born Indian actress, Pooja Umashankar is on the run. She was in the city for a few action-packed days when Daily News ‘Projector’ caught up with her.

You have become quite popular among film enthusiasts in Sri Lanka. Wouldn’t you like to dedicate yourself to the field?

I am not sure what kind of path my future will take but for now as I am involved in a Sri Lankan production I wish to give it my best shot.

My Sri Lankan films are tokens of love for my fans in Sri Lanka while Indian films are my career. Many Sri Lankans have questioned me on when I am going to act in a Sinhala film again. When this project landed on my lap it was a way of obliging their request.

Is the Sinhala cinema scene very different from Indian cinema?

The work atmosphere, work culture and protocol is different but technically everything else is the same. It differs in India from state to state.

Malayalam and Sri Lankan films are very similar even in terms of the working culture. There is a feeling of togetherness and you are like one big happy family during the shoots.

Which is your favourite out of the four Sinhala films that you have taken part in so far?

I love each one of them. I took part in each film because each character is different from the other. In Channa Perera’s Anjalika I was a very innocent girl from a rural village while in Aasai Mang Piyabanna Udayakantha Warnasuriya had toned down the role. Sumithra Peries’ Yahaluwo provided me with a mature character of a mother and wife. Now I am completely at ease in Suwanda Danuna Jeewithe because the character is very similar to me. I am finding it very easy to portray her. She is very carefree.

Is that why you took on this film?

That is one of the reasons. I read the script and loved the story. It is a very touching love story, just the kind to capture people’s hearts. Dammika uncle, Jayantha ayya (Donald Jayantha) and Roshan were all part of it and I am happy to act with the entire team. I like the entire package that was offered to me so that made my decision.

This is your second film with Roshan. Does the chemistry get better when you work the second time together?

I am extremely comfortable working with him. Since we are friends we discuss how we should present our scenes. When you work with a new-comer you are never sure if he or she will take your decisions in a positive manner and I also look forward to a suggestion on how I could improve my act. The best part about acting with Roshan is that he understands.

You are suppose to look into the eyes of an actor when you do the scenes. Thankfully the camera does not detect this because it is extremely hard to look in the eye and recite dialogues with some Indian actors. Some of them are difficult to work with. It is very pleasant working with Roshan and I am able to look him in the eyes while doing the scenes.

You have taken part in a large number of commercial productions in comparison to artistic cinema. Don’t you like to take on complex characters?

Certainly. I love to try my hands on such roles and in fact that is exactly what I am doing in India right now. Bala’s Naan Kadavul sees me in a role of a blind beggar. They have actually put some sort of covering in my eyes so that I cannot see and it takes almost two hours of make up to make my skin brownish. It is a very challenging role and I don’t know whether I would ever come across such a character again.

What lured you into the film industry?

Absolutely nothing. It all happened by chance. I was shopping one day when a director noticed me. He asked me to act in his film and I refused immediately. When I went back to hostel and started joking about the incident my mates scolded me. It was study leave for us so I decided to take part in Jeeva’s Ullam Ketkumae. I specialised in HRM marketing so my goal was to join a company.

What are your future projects?

I have been working on Naan Kadavul for the past year. I did not take up other projects in between because I wanted to be a part of their sets till the end. If something worthwhile comes across my path I’ll consider being a part of the movie.

Are you considering marriage in the near future?

(Laughing). That is a million dollar question that everyone keeps asking me! Yes definitely but the problem is that ever since nursery till my MBA I have been residing in hostels. Then I got into cinema and my work kept me engrossed. I did not get the chance or time to meet people and socialise. I do not like to start a relationship and end up marrying someone else.

You need time to get to know a person and since I do not have time to spare at the moment I am not focusing on the subject. However the question will pop up someday so I will have to find someone soon.(smiling) My father, however, is searching high and low for a suitable partner for me. It is difficult since people think that I am used to a luxurious life because I am an actress. Simplicity is the key to my life, I do not

like to be dolled up in rich clothes, make-up and jewels.

Twenty years from now how would you like to look back on your life?

I would like to be extremely proud of the person that I was because at the end of the day it is tomorrow that matters. Money and fame is nothing compared to a good name. You might have done lots of good deeds but people tend to judge you by a black mark. I have learnt from others’ mistakes. Rumours will always be there but if I could hold my head high, walk with confidence and make my family proud of me, then I am content.

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